Shanghai GM is adopting a 'green' marketing strategy for China to tap into the fact that high-tech fuel efficient technologies are considered prestigious.

According to, Joseph Liu, General Motors China Group's executive director-vehicle sales, service and merchandising, said that the importance of 'face' in China, means that driving a low emission car is even more important. Going green in China is already important given high fuel prices and some of the worst smog conditions in the world.

The Shanhgai GM marketing programme runs until 2012, and involves three main points. "All of our products are produced using water-based paints," Liu told "All of them meet Euro-4 emissions standards, and two of our systems now have the best fuel-economy ratings in their class."

Although GM does sell large cars in China such as the Buick LaCrosse, 80% of cars sold had 1.4-litre engines. This is expected to rise, according to GM China president, Kevin Wale.