Global Vehicles has reacted strongly to insistence by Mahindra and Mahindra yesterday (28 September) that it has cancelled a US$35m order for the import of TR20 and TR40 pick-ups into the US.

The would-be US importer of the Indian vehicles said it wants to "get down to business" to start operations with 350 dealers in 49 states that, together it claims, have invested nearly US$100m to bring the pick-ups into the country.

Global Vehicles conceded Mahindra and Mahindra had issued a statement yesterday in which it confirmed it had cancelled the order but maintained any dispute should be subject to arbitration.

"Global Vehicles and its dealers remain willing, ready and able to begin the sale of Mahindra vehicles as soon as they can be delivered," said GV CEO John Perez.

"We placed this substantial order in good faith because we want to get down to business and so do our dealers."

The importer added that, in addition to initiating an arbitration process, it was also pursuing claims against Mahindra in a US court to protect what it said is its contractual rights.

"We're grateful this country [US] has strong contract lawyers and statutes that protect big car companies from steamrolling their dealers and distributors," said Perez.

"We're confident in our position because it's simple and the truth and we look forward to hearing Mahindra's sworn testimony."

For its part, Mahindra said it had no further update surrounding the situation but was talking internally.

"We have communicated internally - we will need to wait to get the feedback from internal people on this," a Mahindra spokesman in India told just-auto. "Until they do, I won't be able to comment."

Mahindra noted yesterday it had received and rejected Global Vehicles' order, refering to the US company as a "former distributor."