Citroën will debut its 3-door C3 Pluriel at the 2002 Paris Motor Show later this month.

Citroën describes the car as effectively five cars in one and it certainly looks radical in terms of its versatility.

Citroën says the design if 'funky' and few would argue with that. The car can 'morph' from a four-seater saloon into several other configurations.

The full length, full width sunroof of the C3 Pluriel Saloon can be opened to eight set positions, whilst the absence of centre pillars means that the four electric windows can be lowered to create an open sided vehicle - the 'C3 Pluriel Panoramic'.

The sunroof and rear window can be retracted under the boot floor to create an open top vehicle - the 'C3 Pluriel Cabriolet'.

Citroën  says that for unadulterated 'wind-in-the-hair' motoring, the C3 Pluriel's side pillars can be removed in a matter of seconds, transforming it into the 'C3 Pluriel Spider'.

In its final guise, the boot lid of the C3 Pluriel can be opened downwards and the rear seats folded flat to create the 'C3 Pluriel Spider Pick-up', with a flat-bed.

The Pluriel has entered production already at PSA's Villaverde plant in Spain, where it is made alongside its C3 five-door stable-mate.