Gestamp's joint venture with Chinese metal components company Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts (BHAP), has started operations with the opening of a new plant in Tianjin.

The new alliance supports Daimler and Hyundai, among other international clients, in the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei areas. In addition, Gestamp will work with clients in other provinces of the country and as well as BAIC's own vehicle brands across China, as BHAP is a subsidiary of the Chinese automaker.

"The new Tianjin plant strengthens our position in China together with our partners from BHAP," said Gestamp executive chairman, Francisco Riberas.

"We are fully committed to bring the latest technologies to the Chinese automotive market in order to make lighter and safer cars.

"This plant we are inaugurating today in Tianjin seeks to further enhance product quality including innovations in hot stamping and complements local suppliers with a high-tech product offering.

"We are in a position to reinforce our existing commercial projects with our international customers and with local Chinese brands that are strongly focusing in Electrical Vehicle, where Gestamp has an important impact."  

Tianjin plant reinforces Gestamp's presence in China

The Tianjin plant has involved an investment of more than EUR50m (US$57m) with a workforce of more than 250 employees and will mainly focus on stamping and assembly of Body-in-White and Chassis components.

The plant includes two hot stamping lines, technology in which Gestamp specialises with more than 90 lines worldwide, and nine laser cells, which could increase depending on future projects.

The start of operations of the Tianjin plant increases Gestamp's industrial footprint in China to 11 production facilities and two R&D centres.

During 2017, Group sales in China totalled EUR736m with a workforce of more than 5,100 employees. Between 2013 and 2017, Gestamp has invested more than EUR360m in the country.

Gestamp is present in 22 countries with 108 manufacturing plants, four in construction, 13 R&D centres and a workforce of more than 41,000 employees worldwide.

Turnover was EUR8.2bn in 2017.

BHAP is an international auto parts enterprise group. It has nearly 60 subsidiaries and 16 plants overseas, with R&D centres in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

It has more than 20,000 employees worldwide and more than 40 customers. In 2017, BHAP had operating revenue of EUR6.5bn.