German fleet market researcher Dataforce has published the latest results from its permanent FleetBase market survey. It indicates that further growth of the German company car - or fleet - sector is anticipated, but that projected growth rate is slowing.

Over the last ten months more than 17,000 CATI-generated company profiles from firms running at least 10 cars were added to the existing Dataforce database or updated.

A year on year comparison reveals an increasing tendency towards stability in company fleet development. In other words: the number of cars in most existing fleets is stagnating: 94.6% (1999: 90.8%) of German fleet managers do not plan to change their current fleet size. Some 4.2% of all managers plan to extend the number of company cars, and just 1.2%(1999: 1.4%) will reduce their fleet. However, firms planning to change their fleet size do so on a substantial scale. The average growth rate in expanding fleets is at 26.7%(1999: 19.2%). The corresponding figure in reducing fleets is at 19.5% (1999: 8.5%).

As a result, Dataforce expects the total fleet parc to expand by approximately
0.9% (1999: 1.5%). Based on exclusive studies conducted in co-operation with the KBA - the German car registration authority - Dataforce projects that the whole company-owned car market will rise from 1.16 million new cars sold per annum to about 1.2 million passenger cars.