A conventionally driven version of the VIZZION concept is planned for market introduction in 2022

A conventionally driven version of the VIZZION concept is planned for market introduction in 2022

Volkswagen has shown its I.D. VIZZION autonomous and electric concept – described as the saloon for tomorrow and beyond - at the Geneva Motor Show.

It says the fully-autonomous I.D. VIZZION - a version of which will be available in 2022 (albeit with conventional controls) - can be controlled effortlessly via augmented reality, gestures and voice commands. VW says it is the flagship model in the I.D. family of models.

Dr Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Volkswagen Brand Board of Management drew attention to the new engineering architecture VW is putting in place for e-mobility. "Upon first glance, the I.D. VIZZION demonstrates how the All-New Electric Architecture gives us a completely new type of freedom in designing the vehicle interior and exterior," he said. Thanks to its new vehicle architecture, VW claims the car offers its passengers a level of spaciousness beyond that of typical premium-class vehicles in the five-metre category. This particular feeling of spaciousness is part of the vehicle's unique comfort experience, the brand says.

Operating the I.D. VIZZION is 'fully effortless' thanks to intuitive interactions between human and machine using augmented reality, mixed-reality eyewear (HoloLens), and voice control functionality. Augmented reality entails the use of virtual control elements and displays which are projected inside the car. Passengers view these features with their HoloLens and operate them using gesture control.

The car's communications technology has advanced to make it a virtual assistant which is capable of learning and responds empathically, VW claims.

VW says the user operation via augmented reality 'gives an outlook on the year 2030', but also says automated driving at the highest level is 'conceivable starting in 2025'.

The company says that a conventionally controlled (ie with steering wheel for driver) driven electric I.D. VIZZION is planned for launch in 2022, taking advantage of the electric all-wheel drive system with two electric motors and 225 kW system output, and an operating range of up to 665 kilometres.

Dr Frank Welsch, Board Member of the Volkswagen Brand, Technical Development Division stresses the importance of the technological platform for the I.D. family: "The technological design principle of our I.D. Family is hard to deny: its dimensions, battery, and drive system are scalable. This allows us to occupy multiple segments and meet customer demands - up to and including a large touring saloon."

Dr Diess reiterated VW's plans to build around one million all-electric vehicles per year by 2025. The compact I.D. and the I.D.CROZZ SUV will make their debut in 2020. They will be followed in 2022 by the I.D. BUZZ large capacity passenger vehicle, as well as the I.D. VIZZION.