Sino-US automotive joint venture Shanghai General Motors Company Ltd has released its latest model the Buick G, which has a displacement of 2.49 liters.

It is the third version of the Buick family produced in five months by the company following the Buick GL8 car model for business and travel and Buick GS.

Engineers said Buick G has the same chassis and outer structure as other Buicks and is just as powerful, comfortable and secure.

The Buick G is priced at 288,000 yuan (US$34,560), the cheapest of all the Buick cars.

Industrial analysts said Buick G is made to suit the needs of customers with average incomes.

Shanghai GM is the largest Sino-US joint venture, involving a total investment of 1.52 billion yuan (about 183 million).

The company is able to manufacture different types of automobiles on the same assembly line using cutting edge technology and equipment.