An OnStar facility at GMs Renaissance Center head office complex in Detroit

An OnStar facility at GM's Renaissance Center head office complex in Detroit

General Motors has a small team looking at the potential to launch its telematics breakdown, emergency first responder and concierge service OnStar in Europe mid decade, a GM Europe spokesman confirmed.

He would not elaborate but reports have suggested GM hopes for a 2015/6 launch.

OnStar executives who gave just-auto a tour of an OnStar centre in Detroit in January 2012 said then they would like to launch the service in Europe at some point but there were a number of infrastructure hurdles to overcome - some of which were related to 'standardisation' across multiple countries.

OnStar, now standard on most GM vehicles sold in the US, offers a variety of included and optional services such as concierge (eg hotel and restaurant location/bookingnav data sent to car) and emergency (remote unlocking after key loss; automatic notification of car location to local services if airbags activated).

Most services are activated by several buttons usually installed underneath the interior rear view mirror.