China's GCL System Integration Technology (GCL-SI), a subsidiary of energy group GCL, announced it had completed development and testing of its electrical vehicle (EV) charger ahead of the launch of its first EV charger production line in Suzhou, China.

The new venture indicates GCL-SI's movement into energy product markets outside of the solar industry, the company said.

It said its EV chargers come in multiple types to meet different current requirements in various locations, are smaller, "aesthetic" and able to charge EV batteries to 80% within half an hour. Some also offer multimedia screens and multifunctional services including illumination, wi-fi hotspot, environment monitoring, security and protection, and will be connected to a cloud platform where immediate information such as location and usage status can be traced.

"With EV chargers and all these embedded intelligent functions, we hope to extend the idea of the 'Internet of vehicles'," said GCL-SI president, Shu Hua. "Our high power EV charger has a conversion efficiency of 95%-plus and will be introduced into our government-backed 'green town' project in Shanghai. The future of our products is very promising, as EV chargers are in line with the general trend of green transportation and China's national development strategy."

The EV chargers are currently available for purchase in China, and will exported next year.

GCL-SI also develops energy storage products. In May, it launched its E-KwBe home energy storage products in Australia.

Shu added: "With the development of EV chargers and diverse range of other energy storage products, GCL-SI pledges to become the world's leading new energy company that delivers a one-stop integrated energy solution system."

GCL-SI is part of the Golden Concord Group, an international energy company specialising in clean and sustainable power production, founded in 1990.