GAZelle has been named as the strongest Russian automotive brand based on a survey carried out by the major global consulting agency Interbrand. According to the agency, the brand value amounts to RUR38.5bn, (US$1.1bn), 10 times higher than in 2008.

The company was placed at number 12 in the general rating of the most valuable Russian brands this year, 17 positions higher than in 2008. Interbrand’s surveys are based on the three key criteria: financial indicators of the branded goods and services that must be positive, the role of the brand in decision-making to buy or not and the power of the brand in terms of adding value and generating additional earning for the company.

The survey found that the success of the GAZelle brand is based on the strict requirements set by the market to the GAZ designers at the time of the model development and during its further upgrades: tight price limits, quick payback, simple design, easiness to repair and fitness for superstructures.

The GAZ 1.5t truck remains the leader in the Russian market occupying half of the LCV segment - GAZelle has become the common noun used to name the entire LCV class.

This year the new generation LCV GAZelle Next was launched into production in April. The model is designed mainly for the customers seeking modern technology, comfort, convenience, reliability and an extended life cycle. The Next is around 25-50% cheaper than European competitors.

So far this year GAZ has increased its share in the LCV segment in Russia from 49% in January up to 53% in September.