The head of product planning for BMW Australia says the next 1 Series range is due in 2017, will be front-wheel drive and shall include a sedan body style.

According to The Motor Report, Shawn Ticehurst, BMW Australia's planning chief said in an interview that the 1 Series sedan will not be launched until the current 1 Series hatch reaches the end of its six year lifespan.

Ticehurst said to TMR, "This current car was only launched in 2011 so it's still got good life left in it, it's still a fresh car. But as we replace models within that segment, starting with X1, you will start to begin seeing front-wheel drive on more cars."

The next-gen 1 Series hatch, like the next X1, will feature a transverse-engine as the brand wants its UKL platform to achieve greater economies of scale.

"This [UKL] platform will roll out over many more models," Ticehurst said.