Freightliner Trucks says the OnGuard Collision Mitigation System from Meritor Wabco is now available to order as an option for its M2 106 model.

OnGuard is a radar-based collision mitigation system for commercial vehicles offering collision warning and active braking that is 'always on' as well as adaptive cruise control.

OnGuard uses forward-looking radar to detect objects in advance, and then provides audible, haptic and visual warnings to alert drivers to possible obstructions.

If the system detects a potential rear-end collision without the driver taking action to decelerate, it will engage active braking to automatically throttle down the engine and if necessary apply the foundation brakes to help avoid an impending collision.

The adaptive cruise control feature of the OnGuard system looks at the traffic ahead and adapts the vehicle's speed accordingly to maintain a safe following distance. The system maintains the set cruising speed when the lane ahead is clear, and automatically adjusts the speed to maintain a set time interval between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead.

"Collison mitigation systems can be effective tools for medium duty customers focused on lowering their real cost of ownership through overall driver performance and safety," said Mary Aufdemberg, director of product marketing, Freightliner Trucks.

"We're continuing to add new options for the medium-duty customer that best resonate with their business needs and, more importantly, contribute to safer roads for everyone."

The Class 6/7, M2 106 is available with multiple cab configurations that support a number of bodies and chassis.