Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer Foton Motor has said it now has access to more than 1.1m vehicles on its platform of 'Internet of Vehicles (IoV)'.

According to a Xinhua report, the platform of the subsidiary of Chinese automaker BAIC Motor Corp now receives over 3.5 billion pieces of incoming data every day.

The report says Foton has been carrying out R&D in car-mounted terminals of the automotive Internet of Things, an IoV management platform, and has built a cloud-based, interconnected and architecture of industrial internet.

Foton's IoV platform reportedly offers smart services for users to manage their manifests, routes and fuel consumption, as well as remote vehicle diagnostics, maintenance reminders and online reservations, the company said.

Relying on big data, the company said it will "cultivate an integrated intelligent network ecology that connects people, vehicles, enterprises and markets".