Ford Motor Company built more than 15 million Model Ts from 1908 to 1927. Now, 74 years later, the company is bringing the Model T back into production again but making only six.

Strategic Review-


The 1914 Model Ts are being built at Ford's global headquarters in Detroit and the company stresses they are not reproductions but are identical to the originals with everything either original or hand-tooled from original drawings.

The project is part of plans for Ford's global centennial celebrations in 2003 and involved painstaking research on 700 parts comprising the Model T.

Ford wanted to use as many original parts as possible and sourced around 450 of these through collectors.

Other parts had to be totally rebuilt including major ones such as the engine cylinder block and head, front and rear axle, chassis and frame.

Ford's Model T-100 programme team took 11 months to source all of the parts and to build the first car.

Although the team didn't know it at the time, that's exactly how long it took Henry Ford to build the first Model T in 1908.

The cars are not for sale but will be housed in museums following the 2003 commemoration.

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