www.just-auto.com - 21 September 2000 - The firestone tyre recall is the biggest safety problem that Ford has faced for 30 years but despite a slow reaction on the tyre recall, Jac Nasser, CO of Ford Motor Company, is still assuring customers that they are his priority.

The Economist report, which can be found at, www.just-auto.com/features_detail.asp?art=284 , looks at the way that Nasser is presently handling the crisis.

Favouring the non-response advertising technique, Nasser has been criticised for attempting to avoid giving evidence alongside Masatoshi Ono, the boss of Firestone in the US, to a congressional sub-committee last week. Realising his mistake, which The Economist report claims 'looked simply awful' Nasser did appear.

just-auto.com Managing Editor, David Leggett, says, "The recall of 6.5 million tyres has stirred up the Americans and to an extent, the world media, into a frenzy. The situation itself and a slow reaction to the problem by Ford has fuelled criticisms of complacency and as yet Nasser has not been successful in dealing with the situation or the criticism."

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