Production of new PowerShift dual-clutch automatic transmission for new 2011 NA Ford Fiesta begins today

Production of new PowerShift dual-clutch automatic transmission for new 2011 NA Ford Fiesta begins today

Ford has announced that the production of its new 'PowerShift' dual-clutch automatic transmission for the 2011 Ford Fiesta for North America has commenced.

The company claims that the new dual-clutch automatic – the first six-speed transmission in the segment, it says  – will help the Fiesta to deliver an 'expected best-in-class fuel economy rating of at least 40 mpg on the highway with the convenience of fully automatic shifting'.
The new transmission is produced for Ford by Getrag Americas, a joint venture between the Getrag Group and Getrag Ford transmissions. It is being built at a new facility in Irapuato, Mexico.

The assembly plant was designed and constructed specifically for Ford transmission needs in North America and will also supply PowerShift units for the new Ford Focus. When Focus transmission production begins later this year, the plant will have 400 workers, double the amount that it has now. Next-generation Focus production begins later this year at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich.
“We believe this new automatic transmission for the Fiesta will be the most advanced in the segment, offering far better performance than our competitors,” said Piero Aversa, team leader for PowerShift development.

“It’s an advanced gearbox that reduces complexity, saves weight, increases responsiveness and performance – all while helping keep the engine in its peak efficiency mode – resulting in class-leading fuel economy.”
Ford says that the Fiesta is the second new Ford vehicle to deliver better fuel economy using an automatic transmission rather than a manual. The new six-speed automatic in the 2011 Mustang Coupe betters the highway fuel economy of the standard six-speed manual by 2 mpg.
“Ford’s advanced new six-speed automatic transmissions will really surprise our customers, and our competitors,” said Barb Samardzich, vice president of Powertrain Development. “They provide the convenience of traditional automatics with fuel economy leadership, as well as responsive performance and driving dynamics that make these cars fun to drive. And we’re adding six-speed transmissions to our most accessible vehicles, not just our luxury offerings and high-performance models.”

“A dual dry-clutch transmission provides some real dividends on small car applications,” said Aversa.

“PowerShift with dry-clutch facings and new energy-saving electromechanical actuation for clutches and gear shifts saves weight, improves efficiency, increases smoothness, adds durability and is sealed with low-friction gear lubricant for the life of the vehicle. This transmission requires no regular maintenance.”