As part of its US launch programme for the new Edge crossover, Ford is working with Rock River Music to launch a series of full-length, major label music video podcasts for download via the internet.

"Music has been incorporated into the Edge launch and will continue with artists such as Cat Power, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wolfmother and Gomez," the automaker said, adding that these were the motor industry's first free music video podcasts.

Customers can go to the Edge web site, Apple Computer's iTunes and other music sites to receive a series of free music videos from Ford.

"It's the first time consumers will be able to download videos for free. A television ad is only 30 seconds, but the video [is] 15 minutes," said Dave Sanabria, SUV marketing communications manager for Ford. "It's more time to engage our audience and show them the all-new Edge."

The series is delivered through an RSS (real simple service) feed and is automatically updated monthly with alll monthly episodes available for a full year.

"We are using the music to attract the demographic and bring them to the brand," said Jon Melrod, vice president of Rock River Music. "There will be imagery that evokes what the Edge is about and links so the subscriber can view the product."

In the next couple of years, video podcasts will explode just the way audio podcasts did, claimed Sanabria, and Ford wants to be at the forefront of the industry.

"We expect more customers to look at the Edge, but what we are really trying to do is create a community of users that is interested in the Edge and the music," he added.

According to Ford, Australian band Wolfmother's "aggressive, melodic songwriting and vintage classic rock sound, has drawn comparisons to legendary groups like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple".

Chan Marshall is "an Indie rock chanteuse, who records under the name Cat Power" and the
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Gold Lion' was the lead single off of this year's Grammy-nominated recording 'Show Your Bones' and is a more polished version of the band's garage/art rock sound.

Mercury Prize-winning UK band Gomez "is quietly building a reputation as one of the finest songwriting groups in rock," the automaker added.