Ford Motor Company rarely offers any type of incentives on pre-owned vehicles. But now, the affects of the Firestone tire issue on used Ford Explorers and Mercury Mountaineers are prompting Ford to initiate this
rare action.

In a communication from Ford Motor Company to its dealers, Ford announced the program of low interest rates of either 5.9% or 7.9% for all 1997-2001 Explorers and Mountaineers for up to a term of four years, for qualified purchasers.

Ford, which is due to release sales figures for October later today, is predicting a decline of up to 20% for the Explorer and total sales lower by as much as 9%, compared to October 1999 sales.

Ford associates a portion of the decline of Explorer sales to the shutting down of three plants for three weeks to free up replacement tires for the Firestone tire recall.