Elena Ford, director of global marketing, sales and service at Ford and great-great-granddaughter of founder Henry Ford, was arrested on drunken driving charges and faces a 28 April court hearing, police and court officials have said.

Elena Ford was charged with drunken driving and with endangering the life of someone under 16. Her son was in the 2011 Explorer sports utility vehicle she was driving in Ferndale, Michigan on Sunday night when she was stopped by police around 10 pm, according to a police report obtained by Reuters. In the report, the boy told the arresting officer he was 11 years old. Ferndale is adjacent to Detroit.

Elena Ford, 44, registered a blood alcohol level of 0.14 percent, well above the 0.08 Michigan legal limit for intoxicated driving.

The Explorer was driving 50 miles per hour in a 35mph zone, police said, when a Ferndale police officer noticed the vehicle. The SUV was moving erratically and struck a curb, then slowed to 40mph before its left side wheels jumped a curb to a median strip and came back on the road, the report said.

No one was injured. Her son was released to family representatives while Elena Ford was booked, held for a few hours, and released, police said.

Elena Ford is the daughter of Charlotte Ford, who is the daughter of Henry Ford II, who took over as head of the automaker from his grandfather Henry Ford in 1945. Henry Ford II served as chief executive of Ford from 1945 until 1979 and died in 1987.

"As this is a personal matter, we would not comment on personal matters involving any employee," a company spokesman told Reuters.