Ford is launching a new smartwatch app for EVs.

The MyFord Mobile app enables Focus Electric and C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid drivers to remotely lock and unlock their car, check the driving range and get key information about their most recent journey as well as locate the vehicle and check charge level.

"Drivers can use their smartwatch to check their car's vital signs, to easily know how long until the battery is fully charged and how far they can go," said Bart Himschoot, engineer, connected vehicles and services, Ford of Europe. "This also can save drivers from over-running time at a charging station, freeing up that spot for another electric vehicle."

The vehicle location function provides walking or driving directions back to the driver's car using Google Maps. For the most recent journey, the smartwatch app shows fuel efficiency for the C-Max, or equivalent fuel efficiency for the Focus Electric, as well as the distance travelled, and braking and driving efficiency. Also displayed is a driving score, which is improved by efficient braking, maintaining a steady cruising speed, and accelerating slowly. Efficient drivers are rewarded by accumulating green leaves on the vehicle's display.

The app, which complements the MyFord Mobile website, is available in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish and can now be accessed with Android Wear and Apple Watch smartwatches. For round watches, the rounded gauges match the look of the watch's face. With the rectangular Apple Watch, the user can access the glance feature to simply swipe up on the watch interface to quickly launch the app.