Auto-manufacturer Ford is to be set a deadline (24/8/00) to come up with plans to combat both racism and promote ethnic diversity within its workforce or face an investigation by the UK`s Commission for Racial Equality, says the UK's 'Times' (24/8/00).

This move comes in the wake of unrest at Ford's Dagenham plant last year, which prompted Jac Nasser, head of Ford, to meet Bill Morris, General Secretary of the TGWU.

Last week saw the CRE meet Nick Sheele, head of Ford Europe in Germany, after meetings with Ford Managers in Britain. Ford was told several months earlier that it would be the subject of an investigation into reports of institutionalisd racism at the Essex plant, including bullying, harassment and management delays in dealing with grievances.

The Commission is to demand a review of Ford's actions (24/8/00), ensuring that all ethnic minorities are treated fairly and are able to advance within the company, by October 13, says the report.

An action plan is being demanded from the US auto-giant, showing a clear and verifiable change in its methods in dealing with discrimination. Failure by Ford to come up with adequate measures will lead to a full inquiry by the CRE, with the Commission having the right to enforce action, says the 'Times'.