Light vehicles sales in Canada rose 7.4% year on year in October to 145,460 units. Year to date sales were up 3.8% to 1,496,216.

According to DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, Ford was market leader last month with sales up 10.1% to 22,635 units, followed by General Motors (20,503; 9.9%), Chrysler/Fiat (18,007; 3.9%), Toyota (15,985; 2.6%) and Honda (13,770; 18.8%).

Year to date, Ford also led with 247,638 sales, up 3.3%, followed by Chrysler/Fiat (224,150; 6.4%), GM (200,426; 2.9%), Toyota (153,989; 0.8%) and Honda (121,431; 11.1%).

DesRosiers said: "It may be getting a little repetitive but the Canadian automotive market once more set records last month. Total light vehicle sales of 145,460 represented the best October on record – and by some margin. Sales were up 7.4% from October 2012, drawing the 2013 YTD total to 1.496m (up 3.8%). The SAAR for October reached a heart pounding 1.9m.

"Sales of trucks have been strong all year and this trend continued in October with 81,292 units sold (up 9.6 %). What has really pushed the market on in the last couple of months has been a return to growth in the passenger car market. Car sales rose 4.7 % in October 2013 to 64,168 units with the car market now up 1.1% on a YTD basis at 664,117 units.

"From a brand perspective Ford continued to lead the pack with sales of 22,635 units in October (up 10.1%). A number of companies considerably outperformed the market with Nissan’s 36.6 % gain (to 7,696 units) of note, as was Honda’s strong October (up 18.8 % to 13,770 units). Chrysler slipped a little from its earlier pace, but with sales up 3.9% from October 2012, continued with its 47th straight month of year over year sales increases. Kia and Hyundai on the other hand continue their troubled 2013 with sales down 13.8% and 4.7% respectively for the month.

"The luxury market saw widely divergent performances. Jaguar grabbed the attention percentage wise with a 150% gain (albeit to only 95 units). Mercedes (up 25.1%), Land Rover and Porsche also strongly outperformed the market.  At the other end of the spectrum Acura (-18.8 %) and Audi (0.2 %) had a more challenging October, as the luxury segment continued to exhibit widely varying brand performances."