Cologne assembly plant facts

  • Assembly line hall areas measure 14,000m2
  • 2010 production: 391,439 cars
  • 16% of vehicles leave the plant by rail, 41% on trucks and 43% using waterways
  • Total site area: 40 football pitches
  • Permanently installed suspension tracks length: 11km (about 7 miles)
Fiesta production at Cologne

Fiesta production at Cologne

Ford has produced the millionth unit of the current Fiesta at its Cologne factory in Germany in record time, just 33 months after the first car rolled off the line.

The model, sold worldwide, is also produced in Mexico, primarily for North America, Thailand, for Asia and Australia, and also in Spain and China.

The German production milestone coincided with two further anniversaries: 35 years ago this month, the first generation Fiesta was introduced to the German market. And 80 years ago, on 4 May, 1931, the first vehicle rolled off the assembly line in Cologne – a Model A.

Since Ford first began production of the Fiesta, over 6m have been produced. Fiestas built in Cologne are exported to 71 countries including key markets Britain, France, Turkey and Russia and more remote places such as Mozambique, Morocco, Brunei and Tahiti.

Since the current Fiesta went on sale in October 2008, over 1,350,000 units have been sold globally. In the first quarter of 2011, JATO records show that 102,859 were sold in Europe, making it the top-selling small car and second best-selling car overall for March and the first quarter 2011 in Europe.

The Cologne factory ranks highest of 52 evaluated automotive production sites in Europe. In 2006 the factory was presented with the ‘Automotive Lean Production Award 2006’.

It is the production centre for both the Fiesta and the European Fusion, a higher-riding, more spacious Fiesta derivative, with an average output of 1,770 cars per day. The plant’s annual capacity is 400,000 cars and it employs 17,300 people from over 50 countries.

The construction time for a Fiesta is only 13 hours – a five hour reduction compared with a decade ago.