Ford Motor Company's Board of Directors announced today it has completed a detailed review of the issues surrounding the Firestone tire recall at its regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

The board devoted much of its meeting to reviewing the technical, logistic and customer actions surrounding the tire recall. Upon completion of the review, board members expressed their confidence in the Ford management team. The board is satisfied that all appropriate resources are being deployed to deal with customers' needs.

"There is nothing more important than customers' safety and their trust in Ford Motor Company and its products - nothing," said Bill Ford, chairman of the board. "The management team led by Jac Nasser is doing an outstanding job in a difficult situation. Their focus has been on doing everything possible to get bad tires replaced with good tires and the board fully supports their efforts."

In addition, the audit committee of the board, which normally reviews company policies and procedures, will also monitor this situation on an ongoing basis and report back to the board regularly. .

"The audit committee will help ensure that all the measures needed are being taken, as well as provide an ongoing review of new developments, " Ford added.