Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F - news) has announced that $6 billion in cash will be distributed to its shareholders through the company's Value Enhancement Plan (VEP). The total number of new Ford common and Class B shares outstanding will be 1.9 billion.

Under the VEP, Ford shareholders exchanged each of their current Ford common or Class B shares for a new Ford common or Class B share, as the case may be, plus either $20 in cash (Option 1), 0.748 additional new Ford common shares (Option 2), or a combination of $5.18 and 0.555 additional new Ford common shares (Option 3).

Ford shareholders approved the VEP Aug. 2. The company plans to credit the new Ford stock to shareholder accounts and distribute cash beginning tomorrow. The new Ford Motor Company stock (NYSE: F - news) has been approved for listing and will be available for regular way trading beginning Aug. 9 on the New York Stock Exchange.