Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is taking an innovative approach to marketing and promoting alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) through a unique new alliance with BCG eFuels Inc. (eFuels), a subsidiary of BC Gas, Inc. The alliance calls for Ford and eFuels to work together in all aspects of AFV marketing and promotion, making purchasing, servicing and fueling AFVs easier for consumers and fleet customers.

"This is a new concept in the AFV world, a truly exceptional association between an automaker and a fuel provider," says Beryl Stajich, Fleet/AFV Brand Manager for Ford North American Fleet, Leasing and Remarketing Operations. "Our alliance with eFuels will revolutionize the AFV ownership experience."

Under terms of the agreement, eFuels will provide services to Ford in three key geographic areas; Vancouver, Toronto and Arizona. eFuels will work with Ford on a number of projects, including Ford dealer service and sales training, customer prospecting, sales calls, demonstration vehicle displays, event marketing and customer awareness campaigns.

EFuel's parent company, BC Gas Inc., has been working with Ford for several years promoting natural gas vehicles and prospecting customers in Vancouver. eFuels was established in 1999 with the aim of becoming a leading provider of cleaner transportation fuels and has since established itself as a leading provider of CNG for vehicles in the Canadian marketplace. The alliance with Ford is a unique way of helping build and sustain the alternative fuels industry by expanding into the U.S. market.

The new alliance between eFuels and Ford is distinctive in that it brings together the company providing the fuel with the vehicle manufacturer to link marketing of vehicles with provision of fueling infrastructure. eFuels will provide compressed natural gas (CNG) infrastructure development in the alliance's focus areas, including a planned 20 new sites in Arizona.

"Our agreement with Ford will bring the right vehicles into targeted markets at the same time as building the necessary fueling infrastructure for the customer," says Al Basham, President of eFuels. "This demonstrates Ford and eFuels commitment to bringing cleaner vehicle solutions to customers."

Ford offers a full-line of Alternative Fuel Vehicles that run on propane, ethanol, natural gas and electricity. Ford is continually working to promote AFV use and a cleaner, brighter future.