According to UK press reports, Bridgestone/Firestone wiil offer to inspect tyres imported to Europe made for off-road vehicles.

The company says it will inspect the tyres sold in Europe and replace any for free if customers still have concerns.

About 13,000 of the models have been imported and sold on the European replacement market over the past 10 years. The company estimates less than half of these tyres may still be on the roads.

Over the last 10 years very few of the concerned tyre types have been imported into Europe, but Bridgestone Firestone Europe has decided to offer free inspection, in an effort to meet customer concerns with respect to related tyre safety issues.

A customer helpline has been started at: 0800 544 445.

Unlike the crisis in the US, no European accident has ever been attributed to these tyres. The only cars fitted with the tyres as original equipment in Europe are some Ford Explorers. Most Explorers sold in Europe have been fitted with 16" tyres which are unaffected by the recall.