With 8,600 units sold in Europe last month (+16.2% compared with April 2004), Fiat LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) has achieved its best ever sales result in the first four months of 2005, together with a significantly increased Italian market share of 43.9%, (38.3% in the same period last year).

While LCVs - which cover several vehicle segments including panel vans (eg Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit), light vans (Renault Kangoo) - are often seen as unglamorous workhorses, they play a significant role in the operations of major volume carmakers in Europe, helping to spin off more volume on generic light vehicle platforms and components.

Fiat says that all Fiat LCV models have contributed to the performance, along with 'ever-increasing customer appreciation of MultiJet diesel engines, which are notable for their strong performance and low fuel consumption'.

However, the Fiat Ducato has been the top performer, with more than 4000 units sold in April, (+37% compared with April 2004), and the best result ever in the period January-April 2005, with over 12,500 sales.