FCA and NewMotion are partnering to support the automaker's business customers' transition to electric mobility.

FCA's business customers will receive access to NewMotion's full charging ecosystem – from smart charging infrastructure to back office services to emergency customer care.

The partnership will be rolled out across 12 countries, starting with France, Germany and the UK, followed by the Netherlands, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria and the Nordic countries.

With the partnership offering FCA's business customers access to NewMotion's ecosystem, customers can have installation of EV charge points at the workplace and employee homes, as well as the NewMotion charge card with its access to more than 175,000 public charge points in Europe for charging on-the-go. NewMotion will provide end-to-end support from sales intake to handling on-site installation and emergency customer support.

All NewMotion's charge points in the company's network will be connected online, offering additional 'smart' functionalities. For example, the charging infrastructure allows for automatic distribution of the available power of the grid to reach all connected charge points. This will help FCA's customers make the most efficient use of the available NewMotion charging infrastructure and will prevent unnecessary installation of more expensive rapid chargers or needless upgrades of the grid connection.

Also, EV charging can be combined with payment functionalities and data insights, meaning employees who drive a company car, but charge at home, will be automatically reimbursed for these costs.

Fleet managers of large businesses will also gain access to Business Hub to monitor, analyse and control all aspects of their NewMotion charging infrastructure from one central platform.

"The partnership with NewMotion is one of the many services Fiat Chrysler Automobiles offers to its clients, to simplify the life of those who decide to buy an electric or electrified vehicle," said Roberto Di Stefano, head of e-Mobility region EMEA at FCA.

"These are simple, innovative solutions that can transform any issues business clients may encounter with new types of e-mobility into opportunities."

For her part, NewMotion CEO, Melanie Lane, added: "With over ten years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise and knowledge to support the growing needs of the corporate fleet when making the switch to e-mobility.

"Our ecosystem of smart charging solutions that spans a large number of European countries means business customers who operate internationally or have multiple locations can be sure they can access the same solutions everywhere."

The partnership will be implemented during the next three years.