FCA boosted sales across Europe (EU28+EFTA) by 5.2% year on year in 2017 to 1,045,000 vehicles with Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Jeep outperforming the 3.3% industry average for the year.

Alfa Romeo sales rose 29.5%. Fiat was up 4.5% and Jeep rose 3.5%.

By major market, 2017 sales were up 4.3% in Italy, 9.2% in Germany, 9.0% in France and 11.2% in Spain.

The Fiat 500 was leader in the European A segment with sales up 3.5% to 191,400 vehicles.

Lancia/Chrysler posted European sales of 60,800 vehicles for the year with market share stable at 0.4%.

Alfa Romeo full year sales of 85,700 vehicles, a 29.5% year over year increase, the claimed highest of any brand in Europe in 2017. Market share was up 10 points to 0.5%. Brand sales were up in all major markets, with increases of 24.6% in Italy, 40.5% in Germany, 25.6% in France, 2.4% in the UK and 26.6% in Spain.

The brand's strong result for the year was driven by the performance of both the Giulia (24,000) and Stelvio (17,000).

Jeep posted another record year with sales up 3.5% to 108,700 vehicles. Market share was flat at 0.7%.

Sales for the year were higher in nearly all major markets, with the brand posting a 22.3% increase in Italy, a 9.1% increase in France and a 22.6% increase in Spain.

Maserati posted European sales of nearly 9,700 vehicles, up 22.1%.

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