Faurecia Clean Mobility (FCM) has changed the name of its Columbus Tech Centre to Clean Mobility Crossroads.

The rebranding is a continuation of Faurecia's focus on Smart Life On Board and Sustainable Mobility.

"Faurecia is transforming the way it does business," said FCM North America, president, Hadi Awada. "We are changing behaviour and culture.

"We are no longer a company that just makes exhaust systems, we are a technology company."

Faurecia provides clean mobility solutions for all types of powertrains and is expanding its digital services to play a role in the zero-emissions mobility of the future.

The French supplier maintains up to 25% of emissions can be avoided with responsible driving. For city commuters, Faurecia has created the Clean Drive application to analyse mobility behaviour and give personalised advice to improve driving habits to reduce emissions footprint.

The app will also incentivise the driver and propose alternative routes to avoid more polluted areas. The citizen could receive credits to benefit specific incentives from the city such as free parking, access to fast lane or discounts on public transport.

In order to help cities to improve air quality, Faurecia has developed dashboard mapping air quality at street level and interacting with Clean Drive app users

The two solutions – Clean Drive App & City Dashboard - form a digital ecosystem helping cities and their citizens to lead more sustainable mobility.

 A mid-sized European city will pilot the solution in Q1 this year.