Fastned has opened its first fast charging station in Belgium, making the company operational in four countries.

The new station is located close to Ostend-Bruges airport.

EV drivers can add up to 300km range in 15 minutes, with electricity from the sun and wind. 

“We want to give electric vehicles more freedom to drive electric and travel greater distances, which is why there is a need for a nationwide network of charging infrastructure and fast charging points like this one here at Ostend Airport,” said Flemish Minister of Mobility, Lydia Peeters.

“It can be an incentive for private individuals and companies to opt for zero-emission vehicles. In the future more of Fastned’s fast charging stations will appear on Flemish roads. At the beginning of this year, through the Agency for Roads and Traffic, I granted the permit to Fastned for the construction of 13 fast charging stations along Flemish motorways. This is how we are taking clear actions on greening mobility.”

For his part, Fastned CEO, Michael Langezaal, added: “The opening of the first Fastned station in Belgium is a great step in the expansion of our European fast charging network. Belgium is the fourth country where Fastned is now operational.

“With the growing European network, we make it easier for people to switch to an electric vehicle. Ostend-Bruges Airport is a location with a lot of traffic, where drivers can now fast charge their electric car.

“In the coming years we will realise many more stations in Belgium in cities and along motorways.”