www.just-auto.com -- As the new car market becomes ever more competitive, maintaining -- never mind growing sales -- is becoming an ever tougher challenge. Most manufacturers are reviewing their marketing strategies and approaches, both nationally and internationally. Car companies cannot afford to lose customers, given the costs involved in winning them in the first place. Sales and marketing costs are far from insignificant; getting the best results from their marketing spend is critical for every automotive manufacturer.

A report by Automotive World, covering Distribution and Retail Sales, E-commerce, Brand Management, Advertising, Sponsorship and CRM is now available from www.just-auto.com. More details can be found at www.just-auto.com/store/reports_detail.asp?art=15

"Automotive Marketing: Strategic insights for a new era" takes a fresh look at the key aspects of Automotive Marketing and discusses current best practice in the area. The comprehensive report tackles the major issues, exploring:

  • changing practices in the sale and distribution of cars

  • the impact of the expected end of block exemption in Europe

  • the increased role of the Internet and e-commerce in automotive sales

  • and marketing

    factors influencing brand strategy
  • winning marketing campaigns
  • the role played by advertising in launching new cars and
  • maintaining car companies profiles
  • the effectiveness of corporate sponsorship
  • the increasing emphasis on Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

    "The report highlights and qualifies what a lot of the automotive industry has thought for a while," commented David Leggett, managing editor of just-auto.com. "We know that the current cost per car for marketing Vauxhall's dotcom models stands at the equivalent of 7,700 pounds each -- something that highlights exactly how relevant this report is," he continued.

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