Eventra, a leading provider of e-business supply chain solutions and services, today announced that Blue Bird Corporation, the largest manufacturer of buses in North America, has selected VendorSite to manage their direct materials procurement process with their suppliers.

The Internet-based software solution will allow Blue Bird to significantly reduce its paper tracking system for its materials management.

VendorSite is the Internet-based Supplier Relationship Management software solution that provides manufacturers such as Blue Bird with a 'window' into their supply chain. Blue Bird's suppliers, who don't have the time, money or resources to connect to manufacturers via EDI, need only Internet access and a standard Web browser to be electronically linked to the company's supply chain planning, scheduling, delivery, and payment process. Using VendorSite, manufacturers and their suppliers can conduct business easier, faster and more reliably than the paper, Fax, phone or traditional EDI-methods currently in use.

Eventra's VendorSite will initially manage 100 vendors for Blue Bird Corporation, and will continue to expand its coverage through year-end. Blue Bird's vendors include a range of companies, from makers of tires and transmissions to producers of seats and upholstery. The company also has a number of special suppliers for their customized, highly appointed Wanderlodge motorcoaches.

Key to linking 800 suppliers is VendorSite's use of XML, an emerging standard for e-commerce Web documents. XML allows for a common method for identifying data via a web browser, freeing non-EDI capable suppliers from the need to purchase VAN services or EDI-translation software. This significantly reduces the cost for the suppliers, while providing the manufacturer with reduced direct-materials purchasing costs, labor and a more effective management of the process.

"As a leader in its industry, Blue Bird is the kind of enterprise particularly well suited to take full advantage of VendorSite," said Stuart Sawabini, President and CEO of Eventra. "By linking vendors electronically and sharing data, Vendorsite will help companies like Blue Bird streamline planning, forecasting and collaborative supplier communications, creating a win-win situation for both the manufacturer and their suppliers."

About VendorSite

VendorSite is an inter-enterprise business application for supply chain collaboration configured to manufacturers' individual business processes. VendorSite allows manufacturers and their suppliers to exchange a full range of planning, scheduling, shipment and payment information online to streamline the direct materials procurement process. Its integration with manufacturers' ERP/MRP and legacy systems and extensive data mining capabilities further extend its value.

About Eventra

Eventra is a privately held company based in Milford, CT that provides business-to-business electronic commerce solutions that create strong trading partner communities. VendorSite is its newest product, and is the first Internet-based solution solely focused on direct material procurement and supply chain collaboration for discrete manufacturers and their suppliers. Contact Eventra in the U.S. at 203/882-9988 or visit www.eventra.com.

About Blue Bird Corporation

The Blue Bird Corporation is the largest manufacturer of school buses in North America. Since 1927, the company has led the world in school bus production with more than 400,000 buses manufactured in its two million square feet of production space across North America. Since 1963, Blue Bird has produced, school buses, commercial buses, high-end motor homes and luxury coaches. Its renowned Wanderlodge line has elevated Blue Bird to the top of the luxury motorcoach industry.