Europe's heavy truck market (over 16 tonnes GVW) is forecast to decline by 20.7% to 255,800 units in 2009 according to forecasts produced by research firm Automotive World.

In its research Automotive World notes that 2009 will 'prove to be the worst for truck sales in recent history' on the back of Europe's impact of economic slowdown, the credit crunch and high oil prices.

No return to the almost 350,000-unit market witnessed in 2007 is seen on the forecast horizon that extends to 2013.

The report also warns that the positive impact on sales derived from a boom in Eastern Europe is now on the wane and that the 2004 EU accession countries 'now appear to have entered a replacement rather than a growth cycle.'

The report also examines different forecast scenarios, the impact of Euro 6 and picks winners and losers from the list of truck OEMs.

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