Nissan Motor and Toyota are again employing short-term factory workers in Europe to boost their small car output, the Nikkei business daily reported on Tuesday.

Nissan added 150 temporary workers in May at its Sunderland factory in north England and followed that up in June by employing 100 more workers on four-month contracts, the Nikkei reported, according to Reuters.

The increase adds about 5% to the total number of cars Nissan planned to make in fiscal 2009 in Europe, the report said.

Toyota was responding to the recovery in small car sales in Europe by hiring temporary workers at its factory in France.

Toyota expects to have 250 on the payroll by the end of June and will use them to make 7,000 more units of the Yaris, (Vitz in Japan), than originally planned by the start of October, the daily said.