The European Commission has announced that it is to fund a 120,000 euro ($US103,000) research project examining ways of further reducing carbon dioxide emissions from light commercial vehicles.

Brussels called for companies and think tanks to bid for the contract to carry out the studies.

These would entail the collection of data about existing CO2 emissions from particular models, the drawing up of estimates about the future CO2 emissions from small vans (category N1) and to collect information on the existing state of technology regarding these light commercial vehicles.

Researchers would also have to evaluate potential policy options, studying in depth the potential practical, legal and organisational problems regarding the implementation of the most promising ideas. And they would have to make pragmatic proposals about monitoring progress.

A Commission statement said that it intended to launch the tendering process on May 31. More details about applying for the contract can be checked in the EU official journal, Reference: OJ No S 98-067358 of 23.05.2001, p.42.

Proposals to establish tighter air pollution limits are likely to be discussed by EU ministers, after the European Parliament's environment committee amended the proposed EU Environmental Action Programme.

MEPs voted for it to order the Commission to table fresh and "stringent" noise and pollution limits.

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