New car registrations in the EU excluding Cyprus and Malta, decreased to 1,027,036 units in October, marking a 16.6% contraction compared to October 2009.

Data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) shows ten months into the year, demand for new cars has decreased by 5.5%, totalling 11,279,542 new vehicles registered.

In October all major markets faced a double-digit downturn, ranging from -18.5% in France, to -20.0% in Germany, -22.2% in the UK, -28.8% in Italy and -37.6% in Spain, which recorded the steepest decrease across the EU.

In comparison, October 2009 saw an 12.1% upturn in EU registrations compared to 2008, when figures were down 14.9% compared to October 2007.

From January to October, the UK (+4.8%) and Spain (+9.4%) saw their markets expand, while France (-1.4%), Italy (-7.0%) and Germany (-26.8%) performed less well than compared to the same period last year.

The largest drop was noted in Bulgaria (-35.6%) and the biggest increase in Ireland (+53.2%).