The installation rate for ESP (Electronic Stability Program) systems on new cars sold in the UK continues to climb and now one in every three new cars sold in Britain is fitted with this active safety technology.

The fitment rate in the UK two years ago was only 20%, amongst the lowest in the European Union. Figures just released by Bosch show that the number of cars last year fitted with ESP has risen to 34%.

However, the UK still lags well behind Germany where two out of every three new cars are fitted with the system. The European average is 39%. The Bosch figures follow closely on the publication of the Cars 21 report, a new plan for the EU car industry promising safer, cleaner cars and a simpler set of rules for EU carmakers.

One of the report's goals is the compulsory fitment of new safety systems on cars including Electronic Stability Program (ESP) plus other active and passive safety technologies.

To help boost the installation rate Bosch has embarked on a proactive active safety training programme in the UK called ESPerience. The objective of the scheme is to train dealer sales staff in how active safety systems, such as ESP work and give them practical demonstrations of these technologies. So far the company has trained some 3,000 dealer sales staff including dealership representatives from various car manufacturers.