Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) plans to launch next-generation telematics services in emerging markets around the world, starting with Thailand in March 2012.

The services will use a global cloud platform, scheduled for rollout in 2012, under co-development by TMC and Microsoft.

The new platform will function as information infrastructure for new telematics services designed for use in TMC-produced electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles scheduled for launch in Japan and the US.

The telematics services to be launched in Thailand represent the first step in TMC's plan to progressively expand provision of such services to other emerging markets, where infrastructure could be limited. This expanding provision of telematics services will be enabled by the integration of TMC's telematics technologies with Microsoft's cloud technologies and information infrastructure.

The planned services for Thailand include a navigation system routing service, currently available in Japan and China, which uses traffic information to help the user avoid traffic congestion.

TMC will also launch two services currently available in Japan, China, and the US: a 'routing service' that allows users to have an operator set a destination, and an 'emergency notification service' for requesting assistance in the event of an accident or other emergency.