Elektromotive pay as you go charging point

Elektromotive pay as you go charging point

Elektromotive, a privately owned firm which specialises in recharging points for EVs, has announced plans for a national network of pay-by-mobile plug-in stations for the UK.

The Brighton, England-based company is an existing partner in Charge your Car (North) Ltd, a recharging scheme for EVs in the northeast of England. A new company, Charge Your Car Limited, will expand the existing Charge your Car (North) network with the goal of creating an eventual 10,000 public access pay-as-you-go charge points located across the UK.

The national network will be open source, meaning that charge points produced by any manufacturer can be included, provided they use the industry standard Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). 

For drivers of EVs, the initiative means they no longer have to commit to a monthly recharging contract with their existing supplier. Anyone seeking a place to plug in their car will be able to locate and pay for it using their smartphone.

Author: Glenn Brooks