Earthquake damage at key parts supplier Riken last month caused several major Japanese automakers to lose a portion of their domestic production though they increased overseas production.

Toyota, which was forced to close all Japanese domestic plants for two days, said production fell 9.5% year on year to 379,863 vehicles in July, according to the Associated Press, though global rose 3.5% to 736,750 units, with overseas production soaring 22.2% to 356,887 vehicles.

AP noted that the automaker had said previously it could make up last month's domestic production loss of 60,000 vehicles by the end of the year.

AP said Honda's domestic production dropped 11.1% to 97,986 vehicles in July while global production climbed 6.0% to 290,845 vehicles in July, thanks to a 17.6% jump in overseas production to 192,859 vehicles.

Nissan domestic output dropped 20.9% to 85,976 vehicles for the month while global production fell 3.7% to 249,267 units, though overseas production climbed 8.8% to 163,291 units.

Mitsubishi Motors said in a statement its total global production last month rose 6.9% to 114,577 while production volume in Japan also rose  - by 7.7% to 67,407 units, the 10th consecutive month of year-on-year growth, driven mainly by increased output of the Outlander for the US, Europe and China, and of the Pajero for Europe.

Overseas production was up 5.7% to 47,170 units. Europe production was off 27.4% to 4,718 units and North American production fell 24.4% to 5,737. Asia output was up 15.1% to 31,207 units driven mainly by a 113.1% rise in L200 pick-up exports from Thailand.

Mazda domestic output fell 4.0% to 82,361 vehicles and overseas production fell 23.3%, AP said.