Denso Corporation and Robert Bosch have established a joint venture in Eastern Europe to develop and manufacture diesel particulate filters (DPFs), with the project commencing in early 2007.

From 2009, the two companies in partnership will manufacture high performance, diesel particulate filters made of cordierite which will be marketed separately.

As a result of impending implementation of the Euro 5 emission standard for cars and light commercial vehicles sold in the European union, both companies predict that particulate filters will become standard equipment on all new diesel-powered cars in Europe.

Denso has been producing and supplying since DPFs to automakers since 20003, although a range is not currently available on the aftermarket.

Denso and Bosch plan to develop and market cordierite DPFs using the two companies' combined expertise in diesel system technologies.

Compared to DPFs made of other materials, cordierite DPFs are light in weight and cause a lower drop of exhaust gas pressure resulting in higher engine performance and efficient purification, the JV partners claimed.

The JV agreement is subject to antitrust authority approval.