Delphi Technologies is launching the latest version of its electronic controllers as a 'key pillar of its powertrain strategy for commercial vehicles'. The company says the generation 7 powertrain controllers offer maximum flexibility since they can be used in any number of applications depending on the customers' requirements.

Delphi Technologies says it can either provide the electronics hardware for a customer to use with their own software, including off-the-shelf powertrain algorithms, or develop a fully bespoke software package for a vehicle manufacturer to operate their specific powertrain system.

The company says its latest powertrain controllers are optimised for the demanding requirements of Heavy and Medium Duty applications, including trucks, busses and off-highway. The Generation 7 controller is a highly flexible control platform that uses Delphi-designed ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) to reduce size and cost while providing 'class-leading features and flexibility', it is claimed.

Delphi's DIFlex ASIC offers 'fuel injection waveform control and diagnostics' to ensure that the needs of future demanding combustion systems can be met.

"Flexibility is particularly important in the CV market where there are many types of application, each requiring different features," says Delphi Technologies commercial vehicle sales director Richard Green. "The Delphi Technologies Gen 7 architecture is designed to provide very high levels of software control, allowing our in-house software engineers to develop greater synergies between hardware systems, to make optimisation faster and more affordable, and even to accommodate short-notice changes."

Delphi also says the Generation 7 controller includes the latest cybersecurity protection necessary for vehicle manufacturers to offer over-the-air software updates, allowing system upgrades to be downloaded quickly overnight, without interrupting the vehicle's service schedule. The Generation 7 controller is expected to be in production for the 2020 model year.

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