Delphi TCK will feature the newest design, development and test methodologies.

The technologies include the latest in math-based tools, such as finite element analysis, computer-aided design, parametric modeling, multi-physics analysis and virtual testing and validation methods.

These capabilities will help TCK to design and develop the best technology products for its customers on every continent. TCK is linked electronically to other technical centers worldwide via data communications, video and telephone lines.

This linkage to other Delphi technical centers worldwide is especially important in supporting global customers, said Edward Nowak.

"Through our global link to other technical centers and through Web-
enabled design and development tools, we can share intellectual resources and collaborate on global projects," Nowak said.

"In the industry, this is called '24/7 engineering' and it means that at the end of the day Delphi Asia can hand a project off to Delphi Europe, which in turn can hand off the same project to Delphi United States. This allows Delphi to greatly reduce product development time."