Delphi is providing revolutionary under-the-floor climate control systems on the fourth-generation Renault Espace. The system is a technological first for Delphi's Thermal Systems as well as for passenger vehicle industry.

The system, developed with Renault specifically for the Espace IV, goes against the industry standard to place the climate control module inside a vehicle's instrument panel within the dashboard. This system, mounted under the floor and beneath the front passenger seat, directs air through ducts extended to the first row of rear seats, circulating air evenly throughout the vehicle cabin.

The unique design of the system offers a range of benefits for the consumer. Equal air circulation allows every occupant in the Espace IV the same level of thermal comfort. The system saves 40-50 litres of in-dash space, making room for additional storage and parts such as safety and electronic components. Under-the-floor placement provides ease in installation and service since the dash does not need to be removed to access the system.

Additional components include the 7-CVC electronically controlled Compact Variable Compressor, claimed to offer better economy, refinement and performance, in its first European application.

Production of systems components began in July 2002 at several Delphi facilities located in Poland, France and Hungary.

The contract for the Espace IV climate control business is worth approximately 100 million euros over the course of its lifetime.