Delphi has begun producing satellite radios for the Canadian market, company officials said at the 2006 international consumer electronics show being held in Las Vegas this week.

In Canada, Delphi now supplies receivers to vehicle makers that offer satellite radio as a option, as well as through retail channels.

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved licenses for satellite radio in June, opening up a new market for this rapidly growing form of entertainment.

Three satellite services have been approved by the CRTC, and two began broadcasting in December. Delphi currently manufactures hardware that supports both services that are broadcasting.

Satellite radio has been available for four years in the United States and has grown to more than eight million subscribers. There are two services - XM and Sirius - and virtually every vehicle brand now offers radios for either or both services as an option. Some recently-launched radios can also be used with either service.

As in the US, satellite radio, called "subscription radio" in Canada, offers hundreds of channels of digital-quality music and programming for a monthly fee.

Delphi has now made over 8.5 million satellite receivers since it started production in 2001.