Delphi Corporation and the Torrington automotive unit of Ingersoll-Rand's Engineered Solutions business have agreed to jointly develop and market steering systems for light-duty vehicles worldwide. The annual global market for these products is estimated to be approximately $US4.5 billion.

Under the terms of the agreement, Torrington will design and manufacture intermediate shafts for integration with steering columns produced by Delphi's Steering Systems Division.

The alliance will build on the respective strengths of Delphi and Torrington in steering product technology, geographic coverage and customer base. Each company will contribute engineering and manufacturing expertise in its specific competencies, while Delphi will be responsible for overall vehicle integration.

Torrington will form a separate product group that will be dedicated to serving the needs of the alliance. In addition to combined operational efficiency and driver performance requirements, Torrington technology efforts will focus on meeting safety standards while supporting the vehicle manufacturers' drive for continuing cost and productivity improvements at the assembly site.