Volvo Buses Spain has recently delivered 58 bus chassis to the Grupo Aguado transport company. With this latest delivery, it is claimed that Volvo Buses has taken the market lead in the Spanish intercity bus segment.

The Spanish market for buses over 16 tonnes is extremely competitive, with about ten players.

With its recent delivery of 58 buses to Grupo Aguado, Volvo says it has taken the lead in the intercity bus segment, with a market share of 19% for the year up to and including August.

Volvo's market share across the entire range of city buses, intercity buses and tourist coaches has also risen this year, and is now just over 14%.

The buses in the delivery were bodyworked by three of Spain's leading bodybuilding firms - Irizar, Sunsundegui and Hispano Caroccera.

Of the 58 buses, 36 are Volvo B12s, with a 420-hp, 12-litre engine.

The remaining vehicles are Volvo B10Bs powered by Volvo's 10-litre engine.

Five of the buses are low-entry models with a kneeling function, which enables the entry height to be lowered even further at the stop for ease of entry and exit. These are equipped with 285 hp engines, while the remaining 17 vehicles have 360-hp units.

Grupo Aguao is one of the leading operators of intercity bus services in Spain.

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