Sweden's debt enforcement authority is to deliver its verdict on 41 cases brought by Saab suppliers and others as the automaker struggles to meet a late August restart date.

The Stockholm-based Kronofogden agency has a total of 104 cases pending regarding Saab, but will definitively pronounce on 41 today with the remaining at various stages of development.

"We have 41 cases today - they [Saab] have not contested these 41 cases," a Kronofogden spokeswoman in Sweden told just-auto. "They are given ten days to tell us [at] Kronofogden they contest these cases, but they have not done it.

"Saab will get this verdict. And the 41 companies will get a copy of this judgement as well and it is up to them [to] them to ask Kronofogden to start an investigation to see if there is any money."

Saab has been embroiled in myriad discussions concerning payment terms to its many suppliers for some time and only last Friday (22 July) averted bankruptcy filing for Saab Tools from one of its component makers.

Saab did not name the supplier, but the Vanersborgs District Court confirmed to just-auto it had received a bankruptcy application from SwePart Tools that manufactures tools mainly for body-parts for Saab, BMW, Magna and Volvo.

The SwePart claim was for nearly US$800,000, while Saab said it was aiming for a 29 August restart after postponing an original plan to begin manufacturing on 9 August.

No details are as yet available as to the amount the 41 suppliers are claiming.